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The **Aurora 1.1 Release** is a part of the **Aurora Session** of Evol Online. It is the first extension to the Aurora 1 release.This is currently the ToDo list for The Mana World following the TMW-Evol fusion. After this release we expect to plan the Alpha release of our new server.

ToDo list


 * (✔) Add missing block pillars around city houses.
 * (✘) Complete the Agora and add more tile variation on the ground of Artis (Map).
 * (✘) Warehouse second level.
 * (✘) Fix Artis indoor's map names.
 * (✘) Add particle effects for pillar's signes on Artis.


 * (✔) Add library poems as items.
 * (✔) Robin librairian sprite.
 * (✔) Christopher librairian sprite.
 * (✔) Leonard librairian sprite.
 * (✔) Schemag item.
 * (✔) Mona sprite.
 * (✔) Hairstyle position fixes.
 * (✔) Add missing block pillars on artis-pillar_x2.
 * (✔) Oscar NPC.
 * (✘) Fishing animation, fishing rod put on a pedestale that move some seconds before to catch a fish.
 * (✘) [logo]
 * (✘) Add Ilmari Betsu as the library receptionist.
 * (✘) Package item icon.


 * (✔) Put most of the poems, novels, didactel inside book items.
 * (✔) Pillar's sign highlights.
 * (✘) Fishing animation, fishing rod put on a pedestale that move some seconds before to catch a fish.
 * (✘) Update the Atlas list.
 * (✘) Add particle effects for digging locations.


 * (✔) Use delayed healing instead of static healing in potion and most usable items.
 * (✔) Change the effect of the elixir to a 100% hp/sp recovery.
 * (✔) Reduce delay between the use of multiple consumable items.
 * (✔) Remove translation from books in the library.
 * (✔) Add different store for different kind of dye in calypsan's shop place.
 * (✔) Using Vitality inside the rand formula for itemheal.
 * (✔) Add Party NPC in the town hall.
 * (✔) Add Guild NPC in the town hall.
 * (✔) Put most of the poems, novels, didactel inside book items.
 * (✔) Add scripts on block pillars that says who own the house or what this is house is for.
 * (✔) Increase the number of fishing spots.
 * (✔) Rewrite Xilaxa's walk path with graph walk path.
 * (✔) Add bleacher NPC that bleach/discolor dyed items.
 * (✔) Enable free savepoints on every house where no NPC is near.
 * (✔) Mona the woman in the rich hill.
 * (✘) Mona's dad quests information over the manhole next to the house.
 * (✘) Fishing animation, fishing rod put on a pedestale that move some seconds before to catch a fish.
 * (✘) Better explanation of how pets work in Salem and in the library (Script).
 * (✘) Distribute poems/novels throughout Artis.
 * (✘) Walking/Swimming NPC support for fishing spots.
 * (✘) Add missing walking NPCs:
 * (✘) Add missing La Johanne NPCs:
   * Arpan, INN
   * Billy Bons, INN
   * Darlin, Dock
   * Silvio, INN
   * Lean, Dock
   * Max, INN
   * Sapartan, INN
   * Tibbo, ??
   * Gulukan, ??
   * Q'Muller, Dock
   * Astapolos, Dock
   * Jalad, ??
   * Tarlan, Market Area
   * Ale, INN
   * Couwan, ??
 * (✘) Robin the librarian.
 * (✘) Leonard the librarian.
 * (✘) Christopher the librarian.
 * (✘) Introduce mount dialogue on Taree.
 * (✘) Add more tree leaf animation.
 * (✘) Add MananaTree mob in Artis.
 * (✘) Create a legiontalk function based on the villagertalk that introduce some gamestory element.
 * (✘) Introduce Alex Grothendieck as the ex-member of the Legion and the now-chief of the Brotherhood movement.
 * (✘) Add in Chef Gado the list of mobs that correspond to the drops that he asks to search.
 * (✘) Prevent the cookie to be used too long, and too many time.
 * (✘) Add Legion training room that spawn X waves of Dummy mobs.
 * (✘) Add Legion fighting room that create a survival PvE game mode against the Legion.
 * (✘) Improve the fighting room with instance support.
 * (✘) Add legion basic PvP support.
 * (✘) Add Wedding NPC in the town hall.
 * (✘) Add Ilmari Betsu as the library receptionist.
 * (✘) Implement new CookieMaster.
 * (✘) Reduce delay for monster respawn in the introduction island.
 * (✘) Salem gives pet's instruction book.
 * (✘) Add a generic special function for door warps in Artis that will block mounts and barrels to enter in houses.
 * (✘) Add book collector quests with the possibility to add a book in the library to complete the collection or to keep it for self.
 * (✘) Limit to only one the number of fishing action per player.


 * (✘) Set some guidelines for insult, trashtalk, etc... in NPC dialogue that somehow equal the European PEGI-12 classification.


 * (✘) Music theme for the legion.
 * (✘) Music theme for a "battle" background.