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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing The Mana World.


The list below shows the active developers who are working on TMW's content or server.

Username(s) Name Roles Active project(s) Titles Location
4144 - Client development ManaPlus
Client Lead
Cassy - Pixel Arts, Scripting, Mapping Witch Cult Quest
Wiki Admin
Gumi - tmwAthena programming, Mapping, Scripting magic-v3, Elements, Races - Canada
Wushin - tmwAthena programming, Pixel Arts, Mapping, Scripting magic-v3, Professions
TMWA Lead, Content Lead, Server Admin
Midwest US
Yubaba (Chicka-Maria) - Mapping, Soundscape design, SFX -
Sound Lead
Nami - Art Director -
Art Lead

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Recent projects

Most of TMW's development is shown on the forum, subforum Development TMW.

In the past most development was done in Trello. There are still many cards there. Relevant links: TMW Organisation, Content Development Board, Art Development Board.

The development organization was switched back to the forums because players rather check the forums than Trello.