General Razha

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Quest Overview
Starting Location 027-7
Level NA
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever
Reward 50 Boss Points
50 Daily Points
Cost 3 Souls
5 Diseased Hearts
3 Undead Eyes
2 Undead Ears

What To Do:

  1. Enter crypt and head towards the SubBasement Level 3. Enter into the chamber before SubBasement Level 3 chamber in SubBasement Level 2. This chamber with full of candles has a room in it. Enter it
  2. Go to the book and perform the ritual.
  3. Defeat General Razha and all the monsters spawned.
  • Note The quest has timer. If you don't finish in time more monsters will spawn.


  • You need at least two 90+ warriors to do this quest.
  • At the first wave there will be skeletons, lady skeletons. In next waves there will be Fallens and Zombies.
  • Don't be at the center of the room. Stay at the sides of wall or at corners. You can divert the mob and attack.
  • If you get out of sight, they would not chase you.
  • The quest is good for grinding experience and to earn Boss Points, Daily Points

Souls are dropped by:

Diseased Hearts are dropped by:

Undead Eyes are dropped by:

Undead Ears are dropped by:


Total Cost: