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Items List Layout

You will notice that the items have been separated into certain sections below. If you are having trouble finding your item, read carefully for what you are looking for, and if you can't find it still, consider using the search function. This is under MENU, and you can type in the item you are looking for.


Click on the item class below, and you will see an exhaustive list of items along with their qualities.

Legacy Items

Armor-head-Magicgmtophat.pngRecently Added Use-food-snapple.pngHealth Items Equipment-weapon-toysabre.png1-Handed Weapons Equipment-weapon-scythe.png2-Handed Weapons
Equipment-ammo-arrow.pngAmmo Use-potions-concentrationpotion.pngStatus Items Equipment-head-fancyhat.pngHeadwear Equipment-legs-redcottontrousers.pngLegwear
Equipment-chest-desertshirt.pngTops Equipment-feet-blackboots.pngFootwear Equipment-shield-woodenshield.pngShields Equipment-hands-wintergloves.pngGloves
Equipment-rings-sapphirering.pngRings Equipment-charms-fourleafclover.pngCharms Use-potions-darkgreendye.pngDyes Generic-bluerose.pngFlowers
Generic-darkeasteregg.pngEaster Items Equipment-charms-skeletoncharm.pngHalloween Items Generic-snowmansnowglobe.pngChristmas Items Generic-wolvernpelt.pngMiscellaneous Items