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Quest Overview
Starting Location 033-1 Snow Path, SouthWest of Nivalis
Level 15 (recommended) for the first,
40 (required) for the second,
70 (required) for the third subquest
Prerequisites Focusing Skills
Redoable No, only once
Reward Yeti Shirt, Raging Skill,
Leather Trousers, 5,000 EXP,
40 Boss Points
Cost Red Apples, Green Apples,
Cakes and/or Xmas Cakes
(quantity varies)

The Raging Skill is intended for warriors. When focused on it, it will make you hit harder with hand weapons by increasing the probability of critical hits. This additional probability is based on strength, thus the higher strength, the more critical hits (and higher). You pay it with a defense noticeable decrease, so you may require healing assistance; but here again what is better than comradeship, born in blood, sweat and tears?

In order to get it you have to go through two Quests the Barbarians give you. One of them will also give you a third quest after you already received the Raging Skill.

The Barbarians are members of the Mangarr Tribe. Under the orders of first warrior Yerrnk, warrior Birrod and hunter/warrior Kimarr are seeking help for a problem with unusually aggressive monsters threatening their tribe. You will have to prove your hunting skills with Kimarr, your chivalrous skill and mind with Birrod, and strength with Yerrnk. This adventure may seem hard but getting the Mangarr's respect and friendship is really worth the pain.

The First Quest - Hunting Hungry Fluffies

What To Do:

  1. You find the Barbarians by going South from the Soul Menhir in Nivalis. Then take the path West and follow it, but turn East before you enter the next map with the forest.
  2. Talk to Kimarr there and he suggests you to prove your warrior ability and enter the closed area near the entrance to the cave. You agree and and are warped inside the area.
  3. You have to drop some Red Apples, Green Apples, Cakes or Xmas Cakes in order to call some Hungry Fluffies out.
    1. If you drop Red or Green Apples one Hungry Fluffy is spawned per dropped apple.
    2. If you drop Cake, three Hungry Fluffies are spawned per dropped Cake.
    3. If you drop Xmas Cakes, five Hungry Fluffies are spawned per dropped Xmas Cake.
  4. The goal of that minigame is to kill at least 1 + (YourLevel*7)/10 Hungry Fluffies in 3 minutes. If you fail, you may try until you succeed.


  • Every time you drop Apples or Cakes, not only Hungry Fluffies can appear, but Ice Goblins, Wolverns and Yetis can come out, the number, type and strength depending on your level when you start the mini-game and on the number of food dropped - so don't drop too much at once. The number of food items to be dropped can be estimated to about a fifth to a third of the total number you need thus around 10 for most players. This makes this part quite tricky for higher level players.
  • If somebody helps you for the first subquest by using attack Spells for example, this person will die. You can be healed though.
  • This subquest can be done at every level, it's just important how you distribute your stats. The higher your offensive stats (Agility, Strength) the higher your chance to succeed. For example a low Vitality is fine since you can control how many Hungry Fluffies spawn. For redistributing stats Malivox in Tulimshar, or Wyara in Hurnscald are the NPCs you are looking for.
  • Use Concentration Potion and Iron Potions (3 each max).



The Second Quest - Hunting Wolverns

Note: You need to be at least level 40 and must have done the first part to complete this part.

What To Do:

  1. Talk to Birrod and to get the quest for killing Wolverns in the Western Snow Forest (034-1). You have to kill at least 16 Wolverns which will prepare ambushes against you by groups of 3 or 4, so watch out while walking in the forest.
  2. After killing the required number of Wolverns, go back to Birrod; he will ask you some questions. You will need to show yourself as brave and generous as possible.

When you have correctly answer all the questions Birrod welcomes you as a tribe member.


  • None


Raging skill.png
Raging Skill
5,000 EXP

The Third Quest - Hunting a Yeti


Note: You need to be at least level 70 to complete this part.

What To Do:

  1. Now talk to Yerrnk and ask him for a task. He asks you to kill a Yeti near a hut in the South-West part of Snow Forest (034-1).
  2. When you're done return to Yerrnk to receive your reward.


  • None



Total Costs:

Total Rewards: