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ID: 1062

Level 110

May mutate 2 attributes up to 30%.


Health Points6000
Job Experience889

Terranite is a rare, strong aggresive monster, that looks like a player wearing a complete set of The Terranite Armor. It's the only natural source of Terranite Ore. Terranites can be found only in the Terranite Cave and the Troll Cave.

As source of profit

Some players consider it profitable to hunt large numbers of Terranites and trade their loot.

  • Average profit from a single Terranite assuming you sell all drops to a NPC: 0.06*100 + 0.05*250 + 0.05*100 + 0.002*2500 + 0.002*2500 + 0.002*2500 = 38.5 GP. This is a small number, especially when we consider efforts that are needed to kill a Terranite. However, all items dropped by Terranite are worth much more when sold to other players. In such case, average profit from a single Terranite can be about: 0.06*900 + 0.05*18000 + 0.05*2000 + 0.002*40000 + 0.002*15000 + 0.002*35000 = ~1200 GP, which is a totally different story (prices taken from ManaMarket statistics).
  • Keep in mind that this is an average profit. What it means is that it does not apply when you kill a single Terranite, it means that when you kill 100 Terranites, your profit will be about 1200*100 = 120,000 GP.
  • The speed of your income dependes on how fast you can kill Terranites. They have a big HP, and thus it takes a while to kill one. A skilled archer can kill a Terranite in 30 seconds, but high-level players might do that even faster, especially if they have great AGI or deal huge damage. Taking 30sec/terra for calculations, we get 120 Terranites per hour. That gives profit equal to 120*1200gp/h = 144'000gp/h.
  • Your actual profit will be lower. This is because 1) you are never hunting Terranites 100% of your time, sometimes you wait for them to respawn 2) you need to subtract the cost of arrows/spells and healing items, if you need them 3) sometimes nobody wants to buy a particular item.

This proves that Terranites are not as efficient source of profit as Red Slimes, which - in ideal conditions - can provide 180'000gp/h, mainly because they are very quick to kill and are usually found in big quantities. However, if you wish to gain more EXP while gathering money, or are looking for some Terranite Ore for your own uses, Terranites continue to be profitable mobs.



Terranites are only found in deepest caves named Terranite Caves by Manaworldians. They constantly live under the surface because their body is not adapted to see light. Actually, in the opposite of many other monsters, Terranites are intelligent living forms, more intelligent than manaworldians themselves. You may wonder what's the proof of that ? Well, you could find it by sitting and observing both communities, even if you can see a lower nomber of Terranites than Manaworldians. Here are fundamental different aspects:

  • While Manaworldians hunt Terranites for the rare and rich items they carry on, Terranites never come to fight Manaworldians to stole their items. Every single fight between a Manaworldian and a Terranite involves an attacking Manaworldian and a defending Terranite. You can find only one exception... when Terranites join the chaos sometimes taking place in Hurnscald, to have a taste of revenge against Manaworldians looters.
  • Terranites try to defend themselves in community, often with a group of three, even if they're rather powerful. Manaworldians, even weak, try to beat them alone...
  • The most interesting thing is when a Manaworldian attacks Terranites with a friend. Some of them kills between themselves, but some others seems to behave like a community. I say seems because they can be considered like a group until a fallen Terranites drops a rare gem. When it happens, the group suddenly breaks to decide who's the owner of the drop, which is of course the survivor. After that, the fallen despaired and stolen Manaworldian regularly comes back trying to kill the thief of insulting him. What a pity for Terranites to see and hear that...

I have noticed other characteristics of Terranites investigating on them, such as:

  • You can find Terranites in great depth range under the earth, but also on the frozen surface. In fact, their skin looks so evoluted that they can survive in a lot of different environments. They are almost insensitive to variations of temperature. However, they are very light sensitive, but they make excellent light-stopping full-body armors as a remedy.
  • They make strong and extremely light armors from an unknown ore only sometimes found on them, hence called the Terranite Ore. Amethysts, Sapphire or other precious gems are rare and really hard to find, but you can still find them digging. However, none Manaworldian have ever found a single Terranite Ore except dropped or abandoned by a Terranite...
  • When a Manaworldian kills a Terranite and see a Terranite Ore, he is then very happy, because it is a rare drop. He will be able to sell it a high price to others, or even to attempt making his own Terranite Armor. However, some intrepid ones have even tried to unwear a dead Terranite in order to stole its armor, certainly to become even reacher or to get the armor faster. But read well... I was amazed to see that none have been able to unwear a Terranite's armor. The armor seems clearly moving when the Terranite is still alive, but as soon as it dies, the armor rigidifies and becomes incredibly heavy, to finally explode after a certain time.
  • You will never hear the voice of a Terranite. However, their group coordination is excellent. How do they understand each other ? They probably have a telepathic communicating way, much more evoluted than our and much more efficient during battles. Also, even trying to talk them, they never respond. Maybe they haven't the ability to speak 'normally' at all. But I think the main problem is that they even don't try to speak with us. That's pretty normal since nearly every single Manaworldian is only trying to kill them...
  • Finally, the most amazing thing is their ability to travel right into rocks ! Haven't you ever be stunned by how they spawn right in front of your face, leaving you almost die of fear. It's hard to describe because they manage to move into rocks faster than into the air. This could explain why do they respawn so quickly after one of them died, or also how fast do they travel to join Hurnscald's chaos and have their revenge on Manaworldians.

Well, after all these considerations, you will probably never see a Terranite the same way. The following are only hypothesis I have made on their history, since because of the overall they don't want to talk with Manaworldians...

  • It seems to exist a large number of Terranites on TMW. However, whereas evil monsters appears directly from condensed evil or when summoned and forest monsters from deeper bushes, where do all these Terranites live ? I have always wondered about that, and I think I have some piece of answer, linked to their rock-through travelling ability. As they are slower in our current air, you mostly see them in Terranite cave harvesting things for their own purposes. I'm pretty sure that they don't live in such place. Then, maybe they live directly into rocks, or maybe they live deeper in the planet, in a place where conditions are better for them. In fact, Manaworldians are unable to swim. Maybe a path leading to their 'city' is just a the other shore of the big eastern Terranite Cave lake ?
  • But for how long are they here ? Histories involving Terranites have always been heard from intrepid adventurers, even centuries before the big earthquake. Do Terranites lived on TMW way before us ? I'm pretty sure of it: you can find really old hints of they existence looking closely at the Cave's walls. These seems to be much older than Manaworldians hint. Nevertheless, their existence on TMW is clearly inadapted since they depend on an armor that seems vital for them.

  • So why are Terranites here, why does anyone have never seen their real face, behind their armor mask ? Are they cursed ? Are they unbelievably freaky ? Are they currently doomed to slowly die from greedy hunters and an inadapted environment ? I doubt it, because every story dealing with them talks about their mystery and difficulty to survive. It might be crazy, but I'm sure that the Terranites you can see, considering the amazing technology they have, are either the remnants of another civilisation, either only a small group of this civilisation, but they obviously come from another world, way different than our... as told by Kazenawa