Yellow Slime

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Yellow Slime

ID: 1007

Level 60

May mutate 1 attribute up to 20%.

Picks up loot

Health Points400
Physical Resistance2%
Magical Resistance7%
Job Experience9
Monster Points15

The Yellow Slime is often hunted as a source of Iron Ore.


  • Iron Ore (4.5%)
  • Cactus Drink (3.5%)
  • Cactus Potion (2.5%)
  • Orange Cupcake (2%)
  • Cherry Cake (1%)
  • Topaz (0.2%)
  • Sharp Knife (0.1%)


Mining Camp Basement Yellow Slime.png

Starting in Hurnscald, leave through the northern gate. Follow the stone path north, until you reach a grove of dead trees with a small dirt trail leading west to the Mining Camp building, with a receptionist just inside the door. At the western end of this room, there is a flight of stairs leading down to the basement level. A single Yellow Slime guards a small door at the north end of the basement. The door leads to a secluded cavern with Yellow Slimes and no other monsters. There aren't many Yellow Slimes here, and the respawn rate isn't great, but the cavern is a quiet, safe place for low-level players to hunt Yellow Slimes in safety.

Hurnscald Cave Bat.png Yellow Slime.png Red Slime.png Black Scorpion.png

Starting in Hurnscald, enter the tavern just northwest of the Soul Menhir. Inside the tavern, you'll find the waitress Melinda and the fighter Kfahr. At the east end of the tavern, there is a flight of stairs leading down to the basement level. This leads to the Hurnscald Cave, which is filled with Red Slimes, Yellow Slimes, and Black Scorpions. The Red Slimes are a useful source of income, and the Yellow Slimes are a valuable source of Iron Ore. The Black Scorpions drop Black Scorpion Stingers, which can be traded to Mike for a considerable GP and EXP reward. This is a wonderful place for mid-level players to train.

Northern Mine Yellow Slime.png Red Slime.png Snake.png Black Scorpion.png Spider.png Fire Skull.png Poison Skull.png

Starting in Hurnscald, leave through the northern gate. Follow the stone path north, until you reach Mike and the Miner at the entrance of the Mine. There is a Yellow Slime just outside the mine. Inside you will find lots, however this is a dangerous area: Poison Skulls and Fire Skulls sometimes kill players in this chamber, and Snakes occasionally wander in from the path to the west. Mages often train here, in an endless search for the Iron Ore they need to power their #ingrav Spell.

A path leads to the east. You'll see a small room with a single torch and a workbench. There are many Red Slimes here, with a pocket of Yellow Slimes to the east. The combination of Red Slimes and Yellow Slimes, with a very fast respawn rate, makes this is a popular place to train. However, it can be dangerous for low-level players. Fortunately, it's not far from the Soul Menhir in Hurnscald.

Terranite Cave Bat.png Yellow Slime.png Red Slime.png Moggun.png Spider.png Lady Skeleton.png Skeleton.png Terranite.png

The best way to get there is to ask Diryn the Traveler and to pay 1,500 GP. When this is done, you can enter the Terranite Cave by going north just after being teleported. Beware, people can attack you in that cave. There are Yellow Slimes scattered through the Terranite Cave. However, this is a very dangerous area. Spiders, Skeletons, and Terranites roam the caves and some aggressive players will kill you on sight. However, there are some excellent spots of Yellow Slimes hidden within the Terranite Cave. You can kill Mogguns as you make your way to the Terranite Cave.

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